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sexxyscientist's Journal

28 February 1990
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Karin was born to an older couple who already had one child, a boy named Miko. Karin grew up constantly in her brother's shadow. Miko was perfect at everything: sports, school, making friends. Karin became bitter over it, as the only thing she was good at was science. She was a bit of an outcast at school, making very few friends. She didn't care though, finding that people tended to grate on her nerves.

Karin was very far from being a normal little girl. Instead of playing with dolls, she much preferred the starter chemistry sets. She was an anti-social child, mostly keeping to herself. Her parents, who were both very career oriented, hardly paid any attention to their daughter's odd personality. They were far too busy working to pay attention to much other than their perfect son. As this continued through the years, it caused a rift between Karin and her brother.

By the time Karin reached high school, Miko was already a senior. The two hardly interacted with each other at school, leaving many to not even know the two were related at all. Miko stayed away from his sister because he didn't know how to handle her, and Karin stayed away from her brother because she couldn't stand him. Karin despised the fact that even when her brother graduated and left high school she still had to live in his shadow. Still, while Karin failed to live up to her brother's shadow in most of her classes, in the sciences she shined. She impressed many of her science teachers, becoming the one that they would send students to for tutoring. Karin didn't quite like this, but she dealt with it. It was nice to finally be recognized by someone for her accomplishments.

In Karin's senior year of high school her parents got divorced. They had been arguing for awhile and hardly spending any time together, so Karin hadn't be surprised in the least. Miko, however, was shocked as he had not been around for the past three years. Despite never being close, Karin felt kind of bad for how much the divorce hurt her brother. The two then began to try and patch up their relationship, though it is difficult. Karin lived with her mom until the end of her senior year, and when she was finally able to move out for college, she was thrilled.
Name: Karin
Age: 18
Year in School: Freshman
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemisty
Club(s): Chess club
Job: Barista at a coffee shop
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: AB
Likes: science, peace and quite
Dislikes: people, her roommate
Eyes: Redish--brown
Hair: Red
Personality: cranky, anti-social, loud (sometimes)
Talents/abilities: science, logical thinking
Love Interest: None.

Kidnap? I'd love to see you try XD
Noncon? She's cut your dick off, so good luck with that <.< >.> Unless... she's doing the raping 0.o
Angst? Not really, though she may talk about her parents' divorce some. While she doesn't particularly care, her brother does.
Attack? Haha, go for it!
Kill? No please
Het, yaoi, yuri? Any
Rating? Ah geeze... prolly PG-13 at the lowest >.<

Any other notes? Not really.

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Played by: kanoi_trace

Model: Mitsuko

Dislaimer: Original character property of Masashi Kishimoto, played for last_stretch.
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